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by i like you.

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To our family, friends and fans...thank you.


released May 29, 2015

Wendy Soleil - Vocals, Ukulele, Piano and Marimba
Arthur Begley - Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Karen Kozak - Vocals, Violin, Viola, Marimba and Glockenspiel
Bobby John - Trumpet
David Boose - Electric Bass
Taylor Donskey - Upright Bass
CJ Vanderpoll - Drums, Aux. Percussion

Additional Instrumentation by Sarah Young on Cello

All songs written, arranged and produced by Wendy Soleil.
Recorded by Brad Matala at Essential Sessions Studios, St. Paul, MN.
Mixed by Brad Matala and Dylan Nau.
Mastered by Greg Reierson at Rare Form Mastering, Minneapolis, MN.

Artwork by Alex Gregory
Photo by Tim McGuire
Design and Layout by Wendy Soleil



all rights reserved


i like you. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Drawing upon a multitude of influences, the transcendental songwriting and sweetly soaring vocals of Wendy Soleil became the seed that would create the foundation of i like you.’s energetic and timeless sound. Masterfully blending their full, rich harmonies and eclectic instrumentation, i like you. weaves a colorful tapestry of upbeat, heart-centered music. ... more

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Track Name: Mysticeti
Gm / Bb F

Hello, hello stranger, no stranger to me
awake, awake your senses, I see you see through me
along, along, a long time a long time waiting
so subtle was the shift yet you heard me calling

I know i'm the only one that can bring this song to you
have no fear, don't be afraid step into what we were meant to do
come, come, come,
come into my heart
be my tree and shelter me
F Dm Gm
protect me from the storm

All this life I’ve held this space for you to come to me
Walking down dark corridors, eyes bind but yet I see
I blaze a trail with nothing but the fire from my heart
I’ll meet you in the meadow, like we planned it from the start


I feel you gently whisper, your breath soft upon my cheek
“I’ll hold you in these arms forever, for I’m the one you seek”
All the pain and sorrow we have conquered,
all the demons we have faced
Opened up our hearts to bring us to this place


Thank you. Thank you, Darling. I thank you oh so much
For being so brave and gentle, a warrior for our love
And thank you for your patience and thank you for your light
Your fortitude and compassion have turned all the wrongs to right.

Track Name: New Beginning
D A Bm G
How can we blame when everyone’s sins are the same?
Apologies withstanding, a breakdown in understanding
D F#m G |||||||
STILL the need to REACH out so strong
D A Bm G
We share names but not our faces, withholding all the dark places
Each mask that we wear, only leading to our own despair
D F#m G |||||||
STILL the need to REACH out so strong

D A Bm G
I’ve got to save myself, wo-ah save myself
STEP back and SAVE myself, wo-ah STEP back and SAVE myself
I’ve got to save myself, wo-ah save myself
STEP back and SAVE myself, wo-ah STEP back and SAVE myself
…save myself

All the places I’ve known, all the miracles I’ve been shown
The wildfire thoughts that I’ve roamed, srill contemplated alone
STILL the need to REACH out so strong
Still, I look to the other to soothe the wounds from another
Gambling my heart in the deal for a shallow imitation of real
STILL the need to REACH out so strong


F#m | G --- F#m | G ---
Is it really a surprise as I force open my eyes
Bm | A---Bm | A---
Deconstructing the lies, only to realize
F#m | G | A |||||||
All we’ve ever needed, It’s inside


(It won’t be long, I’ll carry on to see a new beginning
I’ll find a way to make this day one that I’m proud of sharing) repeat x3
D A Bm G
because in my heart, I know I am strong
Track Name: Fireflies
I don’t want you to be lonely. I don’t want you to be sad.
So I fill my heart with magic and hold fireflies in my hand
Little beams of starlight, lightening traveling through time
To tell of all the goodness and adventure that you’ll find
They will light the darkness, make your fears go away
Know that everything’s all right, let all come that may

In dreams you can fly with me, in dreams we will play
C E Am F C E Am F
In dreams we’re but little lights, glitter upon the bay
So, baby shut your eyes, come pretend with me
Everything on the inside’s as real as what we see.
C E Am G
As what we see

How a little thing so tiny can shine its light for miles
Hold one to your face, see its glow reflecting in our smiles
Remember when things are hard and you’re feeling oh so small
The love from inside you will make you grow so tall

They will light the darkness, make your fears go away
Know that everything’s all right, let all come that may

Chorus - end on G
Track Name: All These Stars
Am C F E
I turn your face to mine and see sadness in your eyes
I try to seek the cure but it’s not for me to find
This thing that holds you down, killing you inside
Tell me how to let you drown if that’s the only peace you’ll find

F / C /
All of these stars and all of these dreams
F / E |||||||||||||||
Hold truth inside what do they mean?
Decode the lies and read through the lines
F E Am ||||||||||||
Falling gently to the earth With a sigh-ih-ih, insi-i-ide

Sometimes the word you say, bitterness in your mouth
They yearn to find a way to tunnel through my heart
What can I do but hold my hands open to you
Try to steel myself against your hurt and solitude


Yes, I agree that there’s beauty in all that bleeds
It’s hard for me to believe that’s all you want to see
When you do the best you can to numb out all the pain
Then amp up the line just to feel the same
Track Name: Sweetwater
C / F G


Magic and Alchemy, they’re all in my history
The lines that define me are building the mystery
So black and so white you see, it adds to the density
Wipe away. Shades of grey reclaim the energy


Kiss my soul, wash it away from me
Sweet sweet water, spiral-form intensity
Ebb and flow, its syncopation, a new-found liberation
First it must retract, step it back, blue elation


(Dm / / / G / / / )

Touch my soul, oh yeah, you touch my soul
So glad we’re alive here, all the yous and the Is here
Touch my soul, oh yeah, you touch my soul
This life’s such a blessing and I’m so glad you met me
For this journey that we both agreed was planted in the seed of
For this journey that we both agreed was planted in the seed of


I’m glad we’re around here, just look what we found here
Bright bright laughter, dancing in the sun
With family gathered together, there’s no storm we can’t weather
If we simply remember, no separation, we are one
Track Name: Sing
Dm C
Sing soul brother, sing to the earth,
Gm Dm
sing soul brother sing for all you’re worth

Dm Gm
Look up the heavens, look up to the sky,
put your faith in love, kiss your fears goodbye
Sing to the earth that grounds your space,
sing to the heavens that hold your place….in love


Dm C
You’ve got to sing the words you know
Gm Dm
You’ve got to sing the from your soul
You’ve got to sing to let it free
To release your identity
You’ve got to sing to let it grow
Sing to the love that you know
Gm Dm
Sing to the love that you know

Dm C
Sing soul sister, sing to the sky
Gm Dm
sing soul sister, hold your hands up high

Dm Gm
Put your hands in the water and feel its flow
taste the ether after and bless its glow
Reach out to the other and calm its pace
put your hope around the whole human race…in love


Dm C
Sing soul children, sing to the fire,
Gm Dm
sing soul children, ignite your desire

Dm Gm
For love and peace and fresh clean air
and the ability to create and compassion to care
For your brothers and your sisters that fill this place
with beauty and laughter and the means to placate this fire


Dm Gm
With the FIRE that ignites and TURNS the wrongs to right
Let the FLAMES cleanse your spirit and STEP into the light
REACH out to your Mecca and GATHER all your chi
C Dm
Re-ad-just- your I-dent-i-ty
C Dm
Tap-in-to hu-mil-i-ty
Dm Gm
with the LOVE that unites us and the BEAUTY that delights us
PUT your weapon down and RE-ACCESS your fight, yes
Let your FAITH flow forth and reLEASE you from the plight that
Surrounds us the mystery that
Astounds us
(With its pure simplicity for that is the reason the only reason to be) X2
Track Name: No Kiss Goodbye
Gm F

There’s no song in my heart today, a hole where it used to be
Somewhere misplaced or given away like a key
That no longer fits in the lock anymore
Only a wall now, where there once was a door
I feel empty, alone, only these words can I bring
Gm F C
No comfort to me, for in the song I could sing

Gm F Gm F
Where did the song go, where did it fly?
Where did the song go, no kiss goodbye
Where did the song go, Please return to me
Gm F C
Where did the song go, I just want to sing

Gm F (repeat) C
(Ooo-O-oo, lalala…)

Gm F Gm F
A weary worn oak tree, I’ve a knot inside my chest
As I try not to dwell on the one I loved best
The pain of the loss floods the valley of my soul
Wash me away as I let my grip go
Distractions of reality can’t help me forget
Forget that I miss the one that I let…

chorus - Oo-las

C Eb Gm /

What can you know of this, or know of me?
So hard to pretend you mean nothing to me
What can you know of this, or know of me?
So hard to pretend that (we both tried to see) x3 3rd hold on C

solo, Oo-la-end on C (la la la la)x3 la sustain into chords

Bb / A / Ab / G / (all with G in the chord)

I had a box full of treasures, so sweet and so small
But now it is empty, scatterd about
I reach out my hand to slow their escape
If I wast no time, a few I might save
Gathered all up, I plant them like seeds
In the break in my heart,
so I may still believe
Track Name: Catch and Release
Eb Bb D Gm
To that string I was holdin’, holdin’ on so tight
I had to let it go, had to turn a wrong to right
This way that I’m feelin’, it’s got me flying so high
Take a breath of water, dive in, live and let die

Eb Bb
I’ve got to let it go
D Gm
I’ve got to let it go
I want you, want you to know
Eb Gm D Gm
you stole my heart now let it go
Eb Bb D Gm
you stole my heart, now let it go

I wonder if the way I’m healing will ever do me good
Cuz I can no longer carry the weight of all these words
And addictions, love and feelings that get tossed around like dice
Only fate to hold them up or hide them from the light

I feel the pain and hurt in your eyes
Is it really love if it’s killing you inside?
will you make the choice to just let it all go
Open up the wounds, let the red river flow


Or is what we’re really dealing with is a stolen feeling
And the chaos of love lost, the emptiness that’s got us reeling
And I just want to believe in and live the lovin feeling
of something that’s bigger than only me

and we’re still trying to figure out who pulled the trigger
on that fully loaded, smokin’ gun
Two is just a number, just like the other
That lonely, lovely number one


Eb Bb D Gm
And you’re so lovely, yeah you’re so lovely and I’m so lovely too
And you’re so lovely, oh so lovely, I can see your light shining through
And you’re so lovely, we’re so lovely, and everybody around us is lovin’ too
And you’re so lovely, my lonely lovely, never a lonely, lovely too
And we’re all so lovely because this chance is so lucky, and the choice is lovely too
We have the power to create everything so lovely
Track Name: Reincreate
Am Dm Am Dm
Strong, yet fragile, moment in time
Our words become our bodies, thoughts fill up our minds
Wading in the tide pool beneath the moonlight
Broken, broken down until you cry
C G C G Am F Am G-
Over and over and over, this heart bre- aches

Am F C G Am F C G
And this heart breaks. A-ahy Heart brea-e-brea-e- aches.
Am F C G Am F C G Am F CG
And this heart bre- aches, and it aches yes it breaks, me

Am Dm Am Dm
Lifetimes of tears released into the Earth
Dig into the mud, caress their truth
Spread the paint across your body,
Feel feel feel the weight C G C G Am F Am G-
As over and over and over, this heart bre- aches


How many lives must it take
Before you’ll learn to walk, learn to make
Love to the universe, lift your face and see
All these worries, merely make-believe
C G C G Am F Am G-
As over and over and over, this heart bre- aches


Simply state your case, don’t be shy
It’s a long embrace, it’s a sigh
Spread these fragile wings, try to fly
Somersaulting until it takes
C G C G Am F Am G- Am-
Over and over and over this heart bre- aches your fall
Track Name: Amnesty
Am G F /
Yes, you take it in
then you spit it out
Too much to hold
inside your skin
Lay it on the line
every single time
Just to throw it all away
because you listened to what they say?


Am G F G
And everybody knows, or at least they think they do
What you’re all about and the motives for what you do
Telling you every time that the words you say are not true
Don’t deceive yourself with their lies, they’re not really looking out for you.

Am G F /
You walk away
from the hurt you feel today
Find someone to blame
and then drown out all the pain
With the only thing you know
that will let your heartache go
Will you find the cure you need
at the bottom of that drink?



C / F /
I’m not a sinner and I’m not a saint
I just do the best I can, try to love and create
Am G F /
Such beauty and laughter and love it surrounds me
So why can’t I just not see?
Why can’t I just not see?
C / F /
The words from an other, they don’t need to bother
They’re not really meant for me,
Am G F /
they’re not really meant for me
So take your weight from me

Am G F
Breathe it out,
let it go
The only thing that counts
is the truth that you hold
Inside your heart,
the music in your soul
Don’t shut it out,
it’s the only peace you’ll know


Don’t shut it out, it’s the only peace you’ll know
Track Name: Winter Song
ukulele -capo 4 -actual chords in ()

Dm (F#m) A7 (C#7)
my mind is gone, gone away
I tried to hold it back but it flew away
It’s not enough, I’ve lost my way
I’m walking in sleep with too much to say

Gm7 (Bm) Dm (F#m)
So I take these words and hold them up
A7 (C#7) Dm (F#m)
Let the sun seep through the panes
Gm7 (Bm) Dm (F#m)
of colored glass that’s cut my hands
A7 (C#7) / /
TRY to see CLEAR through the END of

Dm (F#m) A7 (C#7)
this coldest day -a-a (stop)
this coldest day -a-a (stop)
this coldest day / / / (stop)

i tried to breathe but there’s no air
I’m underwater, too much to bear
This weight upon me that holds me down
Do I take it in or do I let it drown

It’s no use, you’ve gone away
All these tears are here to stay
So I step outside to make them stop
I-cic-LES on MY eyelashes


So bring me a cloud where I can lay
My head so heavy just let me stay
In this shelter of love I create
It’s too cold outside for me to leave this place

Where the sun shines all day upon my face
And the laughter I hear is mine, oh mine
And the birds sing to me their sweet refrain
And my HEART beats in TIME to the SOUND of the WAVES


acapella round: (god rest ye merry gentlemen let nothing you dismay
god rest ye merry gentlemen on this coldest day)

violin solo